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Tracy Carruth Yoga and Coaching is dedicated to guiding people on their journey of self-discovery. Join me for yoga classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching that are designed to help build connections, wellbeing and freedom. Together we can take the practice off the mat and apply it to all of life's daily moments to embrace our wholeness and create ease and joy in our lives. 

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We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to moving through change. Whether you're on a path of self-discovery or have a passion project, Tracy Carruth is there.

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Life's A Stretch Book Release

"Life's a Stretch '' goes beyond the physical yoga poses to explore the essential qualities that guide us in our everyday lives off the mat. This book introduces the STRETCH Framework, a path to self discovery, well-being, and deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Embrace the opportunity to align your values, find inner peace, and stretch into your whole life with "Life's a Stretch."


Discover the Path to Your Best Life with the "Life's A Stretch" Quiz

Embrace the transformative power of yoga, coaching and mindfulness as you journey towards greater connection and freedom in your daily life, even amidst challenges. If your quiz results indicate you're making progress, consider coaching services to refine your path and stay on track. If not, it's the perfect opportunity to explore and create the life you truly desire. As a certified yoga teacher and life coach, I've helped individuals tap into their inner voice, using practical tools to unlock self-discovery and bring more joy and harmony into their lives. Let's start your journey together! Email to schedule a call with me—no obligations, just empowerment awaits.

“I have loved working with Tracy over the past year. I am a completely different person in large part because of her. She has held space for me so beautifully. She has such a soft strength about her that has made me feel safe to share my insecurities and limiting beliefs. I would recommend (Tracy) as a life coach without question.”

Rebecca W, Utah

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