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Work Together

I love working with people from diverse backgrounds including: entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, leaders, small business owners, wellness and health professionals, creatives, political and social activists, parents, and young adults. 

After twenty years of teaching yoga, I witnessed many students make powerful transformations on their yoga mats. I wanted to offer more, and coaching provided new thought-provoking ideas and practical tools on how to bring more consciousness into the world. The wisdom of coaching, mindfulness, and yoga provide creative processes that inspire and support self-discovery—trusting your inner voice to bring more joy and harmony to your life. The outcomes of coaching can be foundations for both personal changes and engaging in the world with courage and confidence. Coaching can help us with the tools we need to navigate the terrain that comes with seeking to make change. 

The Process


Evaluate the situation- What are you struggling with? What change do you want to see? 


Get unstuck- What's holding you back? What patterns no longer serve you? 


Establish strategies- What skills and tools are helpful to move forward?


Practice mindfulness- Simple ways to practice mindfulness daily. 


Stay on the path- Everything changes, stay on track while being flexible and compassionate with yourself. 


Transform- Your goals may change, but the process of transformation is geared so that the goals begin to take care of themselves to create a life you love with more connection and well-being. 

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