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Get Started

Free Consultation

The free consultation is the first step. Deciding to reach out for support and doing something different is a big step. Effective coaching that helps you gain self-awareness, uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back, and teaches you new skills and strategies to get better results is an investment in yourself. The trust in your coach is one of the most important factors of successful coaching, that is why I encourage you to schedule a free consultation session.  During that first meeting you can ask questions, talk about your hopes and goals, and make sure that it's a good fit before moving forward. 


Follow up

After you make your appointment, you'll get an automatic appointment confirmation email that contains all the information you need to connect with me via phone or video conferencing. If your first coaching session is scheduled through Zoom, you'll get a link to connect in your confirmation email. Just click that link at the time of the call and you'll be connected to our session. 


Required Disclosures

To maintain ethical standards I will send you a coaching agreement form about confidentiality and your rights as a client. I will also send you scheduling and financial policies along with the differences between life coaching and therapy.


Moving Forward

If you decide to move forward with coaching you can schedule your next meeting directly with me. We will most likely be meeting weekly (at first) for 45 minute sessions. Your sessions will start with a brief “check in” period, followed by a collaborative discussion about what to focus on in the day’s meeting. Coaching is very active and will include steps you decide are most helpful in furthering your growth to ensure our sessions together are as valuable to you as possible.

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