“I found Yoga Balance teacher training to be a positive life changing experience.” Lisa

“Great program. Tracy Carruth teaches with integrity and deep knowledge and skill.” Brandie

“Wonderful depth to the program and openness to explore and discover myself, yoga and meditation on numerous levels. Highly recommend this school to others.” Kelly H.

“Yoga Balance provided a beautiful space for my 500-hour yoga teacher training, allowing me to enhance my asana practice but also my personal spiritual growth. Tracy Caruth is a magnificent teacher and kind human being. I would recommend Yoga Balance to anyone seeking to grow spiritually and change their lives through yoga training.” Galia

“Yoga Balance Teacher Training was life changing for me ñ I learned much ñ and I am so grateful to everyone who entered my life through the experience. I continue to focus on my breath and be in the present both on and off the mat!” Teacher Training Graduate

You could say 200hr Yoga Teacher Training has been on my bucket list for several years. It seemed that this was the year life would quiet down enough to focus and complete the training. That only lasted one month. But thankfully Teacher Training gave me the tools to succeed:

Accept life’s rollercoaster and learn to appreciate the ups and down. Take every day as a new opportunity and do not judge yourself on yesterday’s performance. Work diligently and with focus because completing these tasks will free you up to study / practice Yoga. Practice discipline; do not shortchange yourself when it comes to meals, sleep, rest, and family to accomplish more. Work with devotion in all aspects of your life, your rewards will multiply.

Teacher Training has made me a more loving and accepting person. It has taught me to analyze my feelings about something or someone and to realize that those feelings were formulated with short sight, and once reformulated they become appreciative, compassionate, and loving.

I’m glad I finally went through 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I can’t imagine how much better my life would have been if I had done this earlier… but I also believe there is a time for everything. The Divine has selected this time for me. And I’m glad I accepted it.

Just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Tracy and the community she has created are: supporting, loving, accepting, genuine, compassionate, friendly, helpful, etc. This no-hidden-agendas community will watch you and guide you as you take your baby steps from beginning to your graduated steps at the end of the training program. They will be there along your side every step of the way. I dare to say there are not better communities for learning and growing than this one in our Metroplex. Thank you Tracy!


“About three years ago a friend asked me to go with her to yoga. My first thought was that it was mainly a “girl thing” however I went because this female friend is in really good shape and a lot of fun.

Well, was I surprised by the strength, vitality and welcoming nature of the soon to be friends there. One lady was eighty and the picture of health.

When I moved to McKinney I wondered about a new yoga home and then found Yoga Balance. What a find it was with such warm receiving people who embrace all levels of practice and encourage mind, body & soul of one’s choosing. Owner & instructors build our strength and range of motion while protecting us. Fellow students are close friends who join for lively coffee talk. Much loving kindness here.

If you’re looking for a yoga home or, like me, just want to give it a try Yoga Balance is as good as it gets! You’ll fit right in.”


“Teacher training is, as it states, an opportunity to learn — however, not necessarily does it result in our teaching others, but instead strengthens us as students in the life-long learning and practice of yoga. For me, deciding to undertake Yoga Teacher Training with Tracy was an opportunity to engage my breath in life, both on and off the mat, and truly see the benefits and struggles of living with integrity; it was a cleanse and refresh and connected me to my truth. I have to say that Tracy is the most amazing teacher, as she is a constant student, and embraces the involvement of many gifted and talented individuals who, like her, live with yogic integrity without judgement.

Each ‘training’ weekend offered a subtle transformation of self seeking Self, and it was deeply personal but wonderful to be a part of the sangha, where the unconditional love and support of other yogi students allowed each individual to be themselves. There are few yoga studios where the community is so open, welcoming and non-judgmental, but where every aspect of yoga is valued and embraced.”

Teacher Training Graduate

“It was a year ago Thanksgiving morning that I walked into the space so warmly created by Tracy and sustained by its community of yogis. I had come to visit family for the holiday and by happy accident walked through the studio door of Yoga Balance for what I naively believed to be a simple asana practice. I knew I had come home (family lived around the corner) but I had no idea to what extent that hour on my mat would uncover a map to my hOMe, my self, my heart. A month after returning to ‘normal life,’ I had packed up my apartment and moved a thousand miles to McKinney, TX to be a yoga student.

Participating in the 200 Hour Yoga Balance Teacher Training was one of the most significant experiences of my life for it has served as the beginnings of so much for me . . . the beginning of the end of pain and the onset of healing; the beginning of living a life of joy, not quivering in fear; the beginning of a heart that beats freely, unshackled by expectation or hindered by unsavory memories; the beginning of the recognition and acceptance of my whole self, not an editing of only the satisfactory parts; the beginning of union — a cooperation of the mind, body and spirit. I say ‘beginning’ because the product is far from final, rather in continual change.

Teacher Training has shown me where and how to be strong, to be soft, to be courageous, to be vulnerable, to be stable and simultaneously at ease; to be in balance; to be in truth, in light, in love; to be. It has allowed me more forgiveness of myself as a goofy human — a bumbling physical manifestation of a spiritual being allowed to play on this earth for a little while. To play and love and make mistakes and practice and breathe and let go and move and be thankful.

I started and stopped the application 5 times. Its submission and the following commitment to study the art, science, philosophy, practice and beauty of yoga with Tracy has had the most profound effect on my life. I hope that if teacher training resonates with you or piques your interest at all for whatever reason, listen to the whispers. I was reminded that our hearts ultimately know more truth than our heads. Namaste.”

Rita - Teacher Training Graduate

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