Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga postures and a truly kind practice to stretch, relax and unwind the body and mind.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow describes more than just the pace. The class embraces the wisdom of slowing down with a mindful and safe approach to a moderate yoga practice.

Yoga 1 – 2

Yoga 1-2 covers basics to intermediate postures, it is a comprehensive practice focused on alignment with breath, intention, relaxation and meditation included.

Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch is a Yin inspired class that focuses on deep release for the joints, tissues and muscles. Supported postures accessible to all levels.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow for all levels is filled with intention, breath work, strength, alignment and curiosity to challenge your edge. Yoga Flow is more than a workout, but a path for body, mind and heart well being with a joyful energy.

How Yoga Helps

Tracy’s vision as a yoga teacher is to create joyful, peaceful, balanced individuals — human beings enlivened and empowered from their yoga practice to bring a true sense of well-being and love to the world and each other.

The classes Tracy teachers are based on both modern science and ancient wisdom that help students cultivate an inner environment in which the body, mind and emotions function at their highest peak allowing the best of their abilities to flow beautifully and naturally from them.

Contact Tracy to learn more about:

  • Yoga and Wellness Group & Private Classes
  • Yoga and Stress Management for the Workplace
  • Yoga for Recovery relating to Addictions
  • Yoga for Athletes and Sports
  • Yoga Therapy for injuries and illness

Our Teachers

Tracy Carruth


Tracy Carruth Yoga Balance

Tracy Carruth ERYT-500, BS, AYS, the founder and director of Yoga Balance Yoga School in McKinney TX, is passionate about nurturing others along paths of higher well-being and thriving in empowered, purposeful lives. To this end, Tracy has been practicing yoga since 1997 and established the Studio in 2004 as a community for all to learn, grow, heal, rejuvenate, strengthen, and invigorate through yoga in a shared experience. She holds degrees in Kinesiology and Business from the University of North Texas which have provided the platform for the pursuance of her purpose, or dharma, in life.

Dharma: To help people discover true well-being and love for themselves, each other, and the world through practical applications of yoga for radiant health, peaceful minds, and joyful spirits.

Born and raised in the Dallas area, Tracy’s roots run deeply, though her curiosity and continual studentship have led her to seek yogic knowledge all over the country. Ms. Carruth feels blessed to have studied Hatha Raja Yoga under Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City and graduated from his 500 Hour Advanced “Life of a Yogi” Teacher Training. Witnessing first-hand wisdom imparted from the lips of guru Dharma, Tracy faithfully studied the classical Eight Limbs of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ahimsa Vegetarianism Diet, Assisting and Adjusting, Satsang of Yogic Truth Lessons, and Yoga Scriptural Studies. Tracy has expounded upon his excellent foundational education in her own private research and reading. Her expertise is reflected in the vastness of her scholarly and practical study of yoga under Master Teachers and her dedication to the pursuit of wisdom at its closest sources, a few which follows:

  • Judith Lasater: Yoga Therapy
  • Seane Corn: Spiritual Activism and Vinyasa Yoga
  • Manju Pattabhi Jois: Ashtanga Yoga
  • Beryl Bender Birch: Astanga Yoga and Power Yoga
  • Rod Stryker: Tantra Yoga
  • Ana Forrest: Yoga Gravity Surfing
  • Edward Clark: Tripsichore Yoga
  • Manorama: Sanskrit and Study of Scripture
  • Sharon Gannon and David Life: Jivamukti Yoga
  • Tim Miller: Ashtanga Yoga
  • Saul David Raye: Yoga and Thai Massage
  • Sarah Powers: Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Tracy completes her Ayurveda and Yoga Specialist Training under the Himalayan Institute’s scholar Kathryn Templeton in June 2013 to extend her support of people’s physical, mental, and emotional health off the mat. She is deeply grateful for all her gurus, their knowledge and devotion to the path of self realization.

Tracy is the strong core to a happy family made up of three vivacious children and three affectionate dogs. The eldest, John, runs like the wind and will be headed to Colorado University-Boulder in the fall. Anna is a tenacious goal-setter and tennis player who recently received her driver’s license (you’ve been warned). And the youngest, Grace, is a nurturing, animal-loving cellist who exposes her competitive side and athleticism on the basketball court. The loyalty and warmth of the family unit, as well as the unique talents and personalities of each child, bring Tracy deep joy and satisfaction in her most precious role.

A devoted pupil, practitioner, and mother, Tracy strives to live in her daily life the ethical guidelines and spiritual principles of yoga as outlined by the inspired teachers and the classic yogic texts. It is Tracy’s hope to embody and impart these teachings and the virtues of yoga to assist others on their journey for radiant health, peaceful minds, and joyful spirits.

Brandie Sellers

500 Hour Certified, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Brandie Sellers Yoga Balance

Brandie Sellers teaches yoga, meditation, nutrition and cooking, paints, writes, runs and plays with her children. She does not iron. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor and a divorcee. She is mostly vegan but has a relationship with cheese which she isn’t quite ready to let go. She’s crazy about her three children and being upside down. She has had six step-parents but currently has none. She is blessed with a slew of sister friends who pick her ass up when she’s down, keep her honest with herself when she’s full of bull, and make her laugh til she either cries or pees her pants. She adores broccoli and cabbages, cafe Americano and Indian food. She likes being in nature but does not like nature on her. She loves traveling and big adventures.

Brandie loves helping people gain more vitality and find more joy through teaching them either in class settings or one-on-one with yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. She completes Ayurveda Yoga Specialist training through the Himalayan Institute in June 2013 and will be registered with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association upon completion.

Learn more by visiting Brandie at

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