200hr Teacher Training

A Comprehensive Hatha Raja Yoga Program with Tracy Carruth

200hr Teacher Training

Gain knowledge, confidence, inspiration and growth in a conscious community to deepen your personal practice and teaching skills. The 2018 Yoga Balance Studio Teacher Training will be co-taught by Tracy Carruth, E-RYT 500, AYS, RYS 200 & 300, and Honey Freis E-RYT 500.

Tracy Carruth Yoga is credentialed with Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga school. Honey Freis is the co-owner of Yoga Balance Studio.

Days & Times

  • Saturday 9am-4pm
  • Sunday 12:30-7:30pm

Training Dates


  • June 16-17
  • July 21-22
  • August 18-19
  • September 15-16
  • October 21-22
  • November 17-18
  • December 8-9


  • January 19-20
  • February 16-17

Fees & Tuition

Apply by May 31, 2018

  • $100 Application Fee
  • $1900 Tuition
    (on or before May 31, 2018)
  • $2100 Tuition
    (after June 1, 2018)

Special Notes:

A non-refundable Application fee is due as a part of your application to the 2018-19 Yoga Balance Studio 200 Teacher Training. Apply on or before May 31, 2018 and save $200 on your tuition.

The link below will redirect you to www.yogabalancestudio.com, where you’ll be able to complete the application and then go to PayPal and pay the application fee.

Requirements for
200hr Teacher Training:

  • Attend all Weekend Trainings
  • Complete Homework
  • Assist, Observe, Teach Classes
  • Written Exam
  • Practicum
  • Mentorship

Training Include:

  • Yoga Asana Clinics: Standing Postures, Balance Postures, Twist and Core, Arm Balancing, Backbending Postures, Seated Postures and Hip Openers, Inversions, Savasana, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Utilizing Props Effectively, Yin Yoga, Bandhas, Mudras
  • Pranayama
  • Bhakti Yoga: Chanting and Meditation
  • Dharana and Dhyana: Meditation practices
  • Personal Study: Homework
  • Sequencing: Vinyasa Krama, Different Levels, Ayurvedic, Chakra, Yin, Mental Balance, Special Population
  • Responsive Teaching: Demonstration, Adjusting, Observation
  • Seat of the Teacher: Unity with Intention, Tone, Themes, Cues, Language
  • Physical Anatomy and Physiology
  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakra Theory, Nadis
  • Meridian Theory
  • Classic Text and Vedantic Philosophy: Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Koshas
  • Whole Living: Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Doshas, Clock, Gunas, Vital Forces, Yin Yoga Meridian, Psychology
  • Business of Yoga
  • Teaching: Small Group, Obervation
  • Hands on Experience: Assisting, Adjusting, Conduct Workshop
  • Special Populations

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